Date of post: May2013

This is a schematic idea for a small water treatment unit which can be easily installed in the side-open space of a bungalow. The treated water can take care of gardening needs. If it is further connected to an alum tank the water can be used for car washing . The idea was developed with the provision of a soil biofilter provided by Energytech solutions, a Pune based waste water treatment firm. We looked at an investor/manufacturer who may be interested in getting this made as a product but then kept it on the backburner as I got busy with designing buildings


The design of this mini plant is is such that it will be ready to install, modular requiring only a plumber to do water connections.


It will ensure daily supply of gardening water equal to the amount of water you would use for bathing washing and cooking. Everyday, at a set time, the pump 2 will water your garden by drip irrigation.

Instructions for owners:
The water from your bath, kitchen and basins will be treated by this. The unit will be placed where your piping comes down and joins the inspection chamber. A 9’long x 5′ wide x 5′ deep pit will have to be made. We will disconnect the gully trap from the inspection chamber and divert the grey water to the collection tank. At the end, the treated water overflow will again be connected to the inspection chamber. This way you do not have to worry about monitoring as the system is reconnected to the drainage network.


Information about components:
1.Fabrication-4 nos of 9′ long sections which are embedded in the dug out pit and support two tanks raised above ground.
2. One tubular model containing two tanks with two manholes
3. 3 nos of top open tanks of size 2′-6″ x 5′-0″ x 2′-0″ depth.
4. 2 nos of 1/2 hp pumps.
5. One timer+level sensor combination connected to first pump.
6. Piping.
7. Screen to trap solids in the gully trap.
8. Filter media provided by company.

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