Tribal School

Project: Proposal for a tribal school building, Palghar

Client – Village of Zari, Palghar

Site area: 4,144 sq.ft.

A company approached us for their corporate social responsibility project of a small school at Zari near Palghar. This is a tribal area and the school needed to be constructed in a short duration with simple materials which could be sourced locally. The brief was simple; creating three classrooms, library and staff area with open space for other activities. The building should need minimal maintenance since the villagers would have to maintain the school in the future.

This proposal was done as a one day time problem. The building has jali openings on the east and west facade which aid cross ventilation. The entire floor has a light weight metal sheet roof over the RCC slab which keeps the building cool by creating shadows and gives additional open space on the terrace usable in any season.

These outdoor areas can also be used by the villagers for various other social/community activities as well.

Design Team:

Meghana Kulkarni, Pooja Chaphalkar