Lodhi House

Functional no fuss furniture for an apartment.

Client: Lodhi family

Design: Pooja Chaphalkar

Contractor: Pappu Sharma

Budget: 4 lakh rupees

3 rooms of Mr.Lodhi’s home at Treasure park(sahakarnagar) required furniture. The apartment had been freshly painted and the family was on the lookout for ready furniture.After many visits to several stores the need for customized furniture was strongly felt.The reason behind that was the following:

Builders provide apartments where nooks and niches are many ,where no ready furniture would fit in. Walls are often not straight and ready furniture cannot really sit along the walls or get fixed on them. Electrical points often get covered up by ready furniture and create inconvenience. With all this in mind we set out with a tight budget of 3 lakhs to make 10 furniture units.

Like most nuclear families the house would be unoccupied and hence working on location was not possible. So maximum work was done by the carpenter at his workshop( we looked only for carpenters who had their own workshops).

Design was focussed on providing multifunctional ledges/seats which would also provide storage under. Functional wardrobe with a separate hangar space for blazers and suits was made. Smaller drawers for dumping non folded clothes were also provided. Children’s tables were made large knowing that fewer things get kept inside and more outside on the top.

Design Team:

Meghana Kulkarni, Pooja Chaphalkar