Eco Center at Sanguem

Project: Eco centre at Sanguem, Goa

Area: 968 sq.ft.

Design team: Meghana Kulkarni

Client: Aparanta steel.

Structural consultant: Mahesh Thakare.

Workshop area for Aparanta Eco centre, Sanguem – Goa. A CSR project. All the construction materials for the project were sourced from within the 3 km  radius of the site.

Local red laterite, and local mutti wood were the main construction materials. Usage of RCC was eliminated using arches. The arches were built in locally available fly ash bricks. These are made using waste flyash from the local steel industry. Hence these bricks are black in colour due to high iron content.

The sand used in mortar was the waste dead sand from the steel plant furnace which is otherwise dumped in the river banks.

The project lies in the heart of the mining area.

Status: Project stalled after mining ban in Goa.

Design Team:

Meghana Kulkarni, Pooja Chaphalkar