Adventure Park for Corporates

A design and planning exercise in order to make a feasibility study.

A trekking group approached me for it. We started with the prospects of an investor who had a beautiful piece of land close to Lonavala.Our task was to understand my client’s requirements and convert it appropriately into a good layout.The 20 acres site was located in a valley with a 50 m drop. It lay right in between two majestic forts and I could not have asked for a more picturesque location. As with many other projects, I wait patiently for the designs to convert to reality. Till then here is something to share just enough to give an idea of my work.

The requirements considered were: Parking -Registrations-Kitchen-Dining-Service-Day visitor’s activities-Residential facilities-spaces for team activities- Water and energy conservation methods-Adventure setups like climbing, zipline etc.which will integrate in the natural landscape of the valley. The focus throughout was to conserve what is present at site. The residential units not seen in the drawing were to be explored as imported tents.


Design Team:

Pooja Chaphalkar