Meghana was invited to moderate a panel discussion on innovations in Architecture, design and construction for sustainable urban development. It was a part of a three day Architecture and Interior design materials exhibition in Pune organised by ACETECH called ACE reflect from 11th – 13th of May 2024. The other participants for the discussion were: Shivaji Karekar from CCBA, Pune, Pranav Iyer from Ground 11 Architects, Elham Mirza from ‘The Wall by Elham’, Suchi Vohra from SVAC and Ankur Kothari from Red Brick Studio. It was a great experience moderating this session with professionals who have such varied experience. Since there is always a conscious effort towards sustainability in all aspects of our work, Meghana steered the discussion towards aspects such as:

  1. What sustainability means to each one of us and how have their views on sustainability changed over the course of their practice
  2. The role of the professionals in sustainable development.
  3. modern recent innovations in construction and design.
  4. Compromises and tradeoffs to achieve a net positive impact.
  5. Key challenges to sustainable development.
  6. the connect between the industry, professionals and the community.
  7. Future of sustainability.

It was an insightful discussion with varied opinions and lively discussions.

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