House in Shukrawar Peth

3,600 sq. ft. Bungalow

Area tackled: 6,700 sq. ft. including terraces and landscape

Design Team: Pooja Chaphalkar, Meghana Kulkarni, Saniya Khan, Rashmi Halbe, Mandar Athavle, Rasika Pawar

Structure: Himanshu Tulpule

Liasoning: Vinayak Raikar and associates

Contractors: Shekhar Chirputkar, Mr. Abhyankar, Rahul Shah, Uday Diwani, Reliable lifts, Utility windows, Gupta colour art.

Project brief:This was a 60 year old load bearing house which was redesigned, adapted and extended keeping in mind needs of 3 generations of a Maharashtrian  family.

Among the residential towers neighbouring them on every side, this house is inconspicuous, set away from the road, connected to the ground and simply grounded in spirit. A cat licks away at a vati of milk specially kept for her at the entrance. A dog peers through the other gate observing every person on the road. The lush greens in the garden and terraces are flowering, fruiting and clearly more important to the family than the building itself. There was music, chatter and culture seeped in this household.

These observations were conclusive enough for us to design this house as an effective extension, instead of a demolish and rebuild option. The family’s needs and outlook was keeping in times with the contemporary world and they needed an efficient house. Thus this house is designed to sustain the culture of this family and its associations with the city. It supports their needs and sustains their culture without pushing them to change their lifestyle. Here the architecture and the building is not an object on display, but its interaction with everybody and everything is on display. An effective 6,000 sq. ft. of space was designed which included the parking areas, gardens, dog gates and terraces.

Every load bearing wall was mapped and drawn in sectional elevations across 3 floors. Every lintel and beam was refined in size for reducing self load and increasing efficiency. This project would not have been possible without the immense support of Structural engineer Himanshu Tulpule who reinforced my belief in the strength of load bearing construction of the old house and supported us in this endeavour of adaptive reuse.

Design Team:

Meghana and Pooja