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Karkare Residence

1500 sq. ft. Interiors

Design Team: Pooja Chaphalkar

Contractors: Mr. Siddharth Joshi and team. Windows from Chiniwala. Carpentry Pappu Sharma

Nikhil and Arpita Karkare had an oddly planned staggered apartment which needed some civil interventions to make a straightened out layout. The place had good light and ventilation coming in from all sides and we wanted to maintain that. The waterproofing and services related issues were sorted and all bathrooms, floor and fenestration was redesigned. A room which was initially outside the partment was included inside. A lobby was created out of carpentry also accomodating books, helmets and other sundry items.Furniture was designed to accomodate flexible arrangements of activities like a carrom table, lego / scrabble installation, music space etc. The children’s room had a loft which could be supervised from the kitchen. The loft also ensured that there was storage under it accessible from the bedroom as well as dining area. The bathrooms were specifically kept with large naturally ventilating windows at a higher level taking maximum advantage of the tall ceiling.

Design Team:

Pooja and Meghana